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Owner of a grooming salon in Portogruaro since 1991, Paola started grooming competitions in 1995 collecting gold, silver and bronze medals in Europe and USA as well; 3 BIS in Italy, France and Czech Republic. She became Italian Champion in 1999; Vice Champion of Best of the Best in Milano. She has been four times finalist in the Oster Tournament of Champions; member of the Italian Team winner of the World Team Championship in Barcelona 2003; member of the Italian Team second classed at the World Team Championship 2007 in Milano.
She did several grooming demonstrations in Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Asia and cooperates with the most known Italian factories to promote the grooming industry in Italy.
Co-founder of ATI (Italian Groomers Association), she's also organizer of the event "Master Show" (trade and grooming show) and co-organizer of the Italian Championship.
Paola is breeding Bichon Poo.
In her grooming school, opened in 1999, she formed more than 100 students and some of them already got medals and BIS in international contests.


Carol, director of the prestigious dog grooming academy "Style Dogs", started her career in 1997 attending almost all national and international grooming competitions held in Europe and obtaining several gold, silver and bronze medals.
Carol has been finalist in the prestigious Oster Tournament of Champions held in France in 2007; member of the Spanish Team third classed in the 2007 World Team Championship in Italy; Best in Show in "Ciseaux d'Or" 2011.
She gives seminars in different grooming schools in Madrid, Barcelona and Girona.
In 1999 Carol entered the dog show's world showing a fantastic Scottish Terrier called Gregal and she has been proud of him for long time. Later Carol specializes in grooming and showing miniature schnauzers.
Since 2001 Carol is the owner of "Style Dogs", grooming salon in Ripollet (Barcelona).


Chiara started her grooming career in 1998 and got her first good results in competition in 2000.
She got several gold, silver and bronze medals all over Europe in Handstripping, Spaniel, Poodle and Purebred Scissoring.
Chiara has been "Best in Show" at "MilanGroom", at "Pragobest" and at the Italian Championship. She has been member of the Italian Team second classed in the World Championship 2005 and third classed in 2007.
In 2004, in Barcelona, she became Vice European Champion.
Several times invited to the Oster Tournament of Champions, Chiara has been finalist both in 2002 and 2004 and became "Oster Europe Grand Champion" in 2009.
She's speaker for several factories leader in the pet market and gives demonstrations for the most important grooming associations.
She also prepares show dogs competing at European level. Currently she's grooming and handling wire fox terriers.
Chiara is co-founder and Vice President of the Italian Grooming Teachers Association (A.I.T.I.
She owns a grooming school in Rome where she gives forming and specializing courses since 2005.

Roman Fomin (Russia)

Roman`s career began 23 years ago with the advent of his house first poodle. Education - teacher of drawing, Roman realized himself as an artist - groomer. His style of work characterized by an individual creative approach. In 2000, Roman founded a student program for grooming. He found simple answers to complex questions of balance, proportion and technology of scissors. To date, his program produced a huge number of students in different cities of Russia, China and foreign countries. Roman achieved a high level as a professional groomer and handler. His name is associated winning at dog shows of the highest rank.
Roman began to take part in grooming competitions since 1999. The start was a victory for the first grooming competition in Russia. In 2000 Roman was a finalist at the most prestigious grooming championships: «Oster Tournament Championship», which took place in Berlin, as well as the "Milan Groom", held in Italy. In 2002 Roman won the silver medal of the international grooming competition «Intergroom», held in the U.S. state of  New - Jersey. And in 2003, Roman was invited to «Intergroom» already an expert.
Today Roman is one of the famous professional groomer for grooming different breeds, the teacher of the Professional grooming schools, organization master classes and seminars.



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