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Education degree in economics.

In 2006 completed courses MVOO CO Defense Ministry - UNOS.

Since 2008 she takes part in Grooming competition in Handstripping class with wire coat terriers.

In 2010 - International Grooming Competition «ZooGroom - 2010" at the exhibition "ZooRussia» won 2nd place in open class in the Handstripping category with welsh terrier.

In 2011 - CW's open class in International Grooming Competition «ZooGroom - 2011" at the exhibition "ZooRussia" with welsh terrier.

Currently, Elena works kinology and handler for the "Everest" club and the kennel welsh terrier breed "Siversky", is an expert third category of Tests of hunting dogs.

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In 1998, the first dog`s breed toy poodle apricot color.

Since 2000, she began to cut her own poodle with advice and recommendations of her first teachers - her mother.

With 11 years of age Tatiana shows the kennel "Tenderness of Love" dogs. Achieves greater success and recognition as a handler and groomer.

After a while time Tatiana completed Roman Fomin`s courses.

Tatiana had the great help and advice of Galina Alexeeva, Olga Arkhipova.

Tatiana has all kinds of exhibition poodle haircuts of all varieties and some other ornamental species.

Since September 2009 he took part in the Groomer competitions.

In 2011 she won Champion class in Poodles category in the International Groomer Competition «ZooGroom - 2011".

Currently Tatiana is a handler and groomer of kennel "Tenderness of Love which breeding toy and miniature poodles.

+7 903 596 07 16



Higher education, veterinary doctor.

Currently - groomer, owner`s of «Chesvik Top» kennel (American Cocker Spaniel, Alaskan Malamute).

Life of Catherine as a groomer, begins in 1990 with the acquisition of its American cocker spaniel puppy.

In 1995, after moved to Moscow began practicing as a groomer for "home haircuts."

After watching the American magazines Ekaterina became involved in an exhibition of his favorite breed haircut.

That's what Katya says about herself: "I'm not finished grooming courses, and I can not name all of my teachers - they are many and not all of them know about it, studying and learning so far, using the existing possibilities - watch the work of other artists, quality trained dogs to Russian and foreign exhibitions, as well as the Internet, photos and video".

Since 2010, Ekaterina took part in the International Grooming Competition «ZooGroom - 2011" where won the open class with the American Cocker.

+7 916 177 94 82



1983 - the acquisition of the first dog breed "Bedlington Terrier", which needed a coat grooming, which was not only to remove excessive hair-growth on the animal and give an outward appearance beautiful dog breed line. Self-study, mainly from photographs.

Participation in Grooming competitions:
1. "Eurasia -95" (Moscow) - excellent

2. "Eurasia - 96" (Moscow) - excellent

3. "Eurasia - 99" (Moscow) - 1st place in class, winner groomer

4. "Zoorus - 99" (Moscow) - 1st place in class, winner groomer

5. 1999. (Moscow) - 3rd place in the Grooming competition

6. «Intergroom-2000" (Berlin, Germany) - Excellent

7. 2000 (Moscow) - 3rd place in the Competition of the Russian Grooming Association

8. 2005 (Moscow) - 1st place in the Grooming Competition from ROO Kennel Club "Stolitsa"

9. 2010 International Grooming Competition "ZooRussia-2010" (Moscow) -
              3rd place in the Champion class 
               2nd place in the Creative scissoring class

10. 2011 International Grooming Competition «ZooGroom-2011» (Moscow) -
                 2nd place in the Champion class
                 1st place in the Creative scissoring class

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Education is higher in zootechnics (Russian State Agrarian University – MTAA  named after K.A.Timiryazev).
In 2002 - finished courses of Veterinary Kynological School of the Moscow Veterinary Academy named after Skryabin (Kinolog consultant specialty, handler).
In 2003 - finished professional handlers courses at "Kennel Club" Stolitsa".

2004 - 2009 - Administrator of the "Kennel Club" Stolitsa"

Currently: Top-manager of "Avangard-company"(the American distributor of "PET SILK" cosmetics), a teacher in lecturer in Russian State Agrarian University – MTAA  named after K.A.Timiryazev, handler  and organizer of the International Groomer competition in Moscow "ZooGroom".

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