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Work as a groomer since 1988. During her work won the title of a professional groomer, both in Russia and abroad. In 1997, for the first time participated at the groomer competition in Russia in the Handstrippings category with fox terriers. In 1998 she won Best In Show at the competition groomer in Moscow.

In 1999, in Berlin on the Oster Tournament Championship won the silver medal. In 2001 in Milan won Best in Show at the grooming competition "Milan Groom" and also won the silver medal «Oster Tournament Championship».

  In 2011 at the International Grooming Competition «ZooGroom», held in the «ZooRussia» exhibition in Moscow, won Best in Show.

Today, Elena is preparing the Show grooming for the following breeds: Poodle, Fox Terrier, Welsh Terrier, Airedale, Irish Terrier, German Jagdterrier, Border Terrier, Jack Russell Terrier, Parson Russell Terrier, Lakeland Terrier, Norfolk Terrier Norwich Terrier, Basset Griffon Vendee, Belgium and Brussels Griffon, Datschhund, Spitz.

Elena is owner a grooming business, personal grooming and handling school. Organizer of grooming the master - classes and seminars.



The owner of the famous of the World Kennel Kerry Blue Terrier "Avalanche Eire-Kerry", founded in 1997

Together with her husband, Andrei, Natalie shows her dogs since 1983. She is famous in Russia and abroad as a successful breeder, groomer, handler and judge as dog shows and grooming competitions.

The style of grooming her favorite breed – harmony and perfectly proportioned Kerry blue Terrier.

Natalia has a title of "Best groomer of the year 1999" the United States (Boston), "Best International groomer 1999" (France).

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Roman`s career began 23 years ago with the advent of his house first poodle. Education - teacher of drawing, Roman realized himself as an artist - groomer. His style of work characterized by an individual creative approach. In 2000, Roman founded a student program for grooming. He found simple answers to complex questions of balance, proportion and technology of scissors. To date, his program produced a huge number of students in different cities of Russia, China and foreign countries. Roman achieved a high level as a professional groomer and handler. His name is associated winning at dog shows of the highest rank.

Roman began to take part in grooming competitions since 1999. The start was a victory for the first grooming competition in Russia. In 2000 Roman was a finalist at the most prestigious grooming championships: «Oster Tournament Championship», which took place in Berlin, as well as the "Milan Groom", held in Italy. In 2002 Roman won the silver medal of the international grooming competition «Intergroom», held in the U.S. state of  New - Jersey. And in 2003, Roman was invited to «Intergroom» already an expert.

Today Roman is one of the famous professional groomer for grooming different breeds, the owner of a professional grooming schools, organization master classes and seminars.

Baryshikha st., 20-32, Moscow, 125368, Russia






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